Introducing the new Digital densitometer for measuring densities (optical density) of technical radiographs

For testing, we offer MTtest bench MAS 500for the piece to serial control using magnetic particle inspection

AccreditedCalibration Laboratoryaddresses the entire issue of calibrating your NDT department

The aim of the training at PTS isa personal certificateby an independent certification body, and that "TÜV NORD Czech, sro"

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    Since establishing of our company we have aimed our activities on applied research and development of devices designed for various kinds of non-destructive testing.

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    The sales segment of our company is focused on devices, equipment and even the consumer material for all range of NDT assortment.

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    Our company is proud to be involved into NDT training for more than 20 years.

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    The growing requirements and demands on quality have influenced the needs of independent and professional metrological verification and calibration of non-destructive technologies during the recent years.

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Czech society for non-destructive testing organizes the most significant event in Czech Republic in 2015 in the field of non-destructive testing for all experts and interested public. The conference will be held in the Holiday Inn hotel in Brno on 3rd-5th November 2015.

V česko-polském časopisu inovace / innowacje byl zveřejněn rozhovor s Ing. Česlavem Danelem o naší firmě. Celý článek najdete na stranách 22-23 na tomto odkazu.

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MT zkušební stoly mobilní

in Prodej
on 21 November, 2014

Lightweight testing benches MAS series for MT are designed for inspection single pieces up to the batch inspection of ferromagnetic parts for the presence of longitudinally or transversely oriented cracks on the outer surface by means of magnetic particle inspection method.

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