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MT HD Testing Benches

Stationary magnetizing benches MAS HD series (heavy duty) are intended for inspection of ferromagnetic parts up to 430 mm diameter, 920 mm length and 100 kg weight.

Magnetizing Power Sources

Magnetizing power sources are intended for magnetizing the material by direct passing of AC or DC (HWDC or FWDC) in magnetic particle non-destructive testing and, in case of DUO (dual) power sources, for simultaneous magnetizing by the coil as well. Power sources may be turned on separately or simultaneously.

Lightweight Testing Benches

Lightweight testing benches MAS series for MT are designed for inspection single pieces up to the batch inspection of ferromagnetic parts for the presence of longitudinally or transversely oriented cracks on the outer surface by means of magnetic particle inspection method.

Mobile crack detectors

They are designed for magnetization of the material by passing an alternating current during non-destructive testing by magnetic particle inspection.

PTS Mag-165

PTS Mag-165 is suitable for testing at dificult accessible places. Its advantage is its weight and comfortable holding.

Parker hand yokes

The Parker hand yokes are one of the best selling in the world. In our offer can surely be found a hand magnetic yoke that suits your requirements.

PTS MagMAX-130

Thanks to its endurance is PTS MagMAX-130 suitable especially for busy facilities. The size of the magnet allows to use it on dificult accessible places.

Test Block Type 2

The reference test block type 2 (ISO 9934-2) is used for verification of eligibility of the feromagnetic suspension at operative testing.

Castrol Strips

It is indicators of field quoted in ASME E1444. They are used for verification of the parameters of the magnetic testing.

PTS MPI Measuring SET

Control parameters and conditions of magnetic particle inspection with PTS equipment kit. We offer the kit, provided with case and including all necessary gauges and probes, at the best price! 

Testing Weights

Testing Weights have been designed for verification of hand magnet function by the separating test. The load capacity is the measuring scale of the electromagnetic force of the yoke. 

MTU3 Gauge

The gauge have been designed for verification of efficiency of the fluorescent detecting suspence at the magnetic powder testing method. 

Berthold Gauge

The Berthold Gauge is a simple gadget for the magnetic powder testing method, which is used to prove the direction of magnetization and detecting the flaws.

Acoustic emission testing

Acoustic emission testing



  • The acoustic emission method belongs to a non-destructive test method.
  • Acoustic emission testing including measurement procedures, instrumentation, and general methodology is fully compliant with international standards.
  • Thanks to its versatility, this method is used in a number of fields (automotive, aerospace, mining, power industry, geology, biology, etc.).

Method principle

  • The method is also often referred to as passive ultrasound.
  • When a defect occurs (initiation and subsequent propagation of the crack) a generation of elastic waves spreads through the entire volume and thus can be captured by the network of sensors.
  • This phenomenon is often called as "acoustic emissions".
  • The great advantage of this method is that it is an integral or volumetric method. The whole body volume is tested in real time.

Metoda akustické emise

  • If we have a network of acoustic emission sensors on the structure, it is possible to locate, based on the physical principles of wave propagation, the source, that generates these acoustic stress waves.
  • The method is even able to detect the initial phase of initiation of defects in the structure.

Metoda akustické emise


Leak detection - Even the slightest leakage through the flaw/ loose flange, etc., generates a signal that can be localized to determine the leakage on the structure itself.

Metoda akustické emise

Pressure vessel tests – Monitoring and predicting the life of pressure equipment and bundle containers.

Detection and monitoring of structural defects such as flaws, delamination, corrosion etc.

Post-production control of weld joints during their cooling process to ensure that cracks do not occur due to redistribution of stress in the weld itself and its surroundings.

Metoda akustické emise

Research in the area of composite pressure vessels and material fatigue - Acoustic emission method is also widely used to control production quality and also production processes.

Metoda akustické emise


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Reference Test Block N.2

The reference block type 2 (ISO 3452-3) is used for verification of the penetration system's (ISO 3452-1) operation (performance) at the beginning of each period.

PSM-5 Test Panel

The PSM-5 panel is used for verification of operation (performance) of the system (ČSN EN ISO 3452-1) at the beginning of each working period.

ET Magnetizing Yokes

Magnetizing yoke provides a strong DC magnetization that is necessary when parts from ferromagnetic materials are tested by eddy currents in NDT  or in production lines.

ET coils - sensors

Eddy current coils are intended for nondestructive testing of products – pipes, bars and complex section products by eddy current method.

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