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Wire gauges

The wire gauges EN ISO 19232 and ASTM are available in the Certificated as well as non-Certificated version. The gauges are usually on stock.

MII-900 Plus

Microtek NDT/ RT Film Digitizing System is an all-in-one imaging solution developed exclusively for radiographic inspection industry. It easily transfers the industrial X-Ray film into digital images for storage and management and makes it convenient to view and share for the professionals.

MII-800XL Plus

Microtek hi-speed NDT/RT Digitizing System, the MII-800XL Plus, provides a fast and reliable RT film image digitizing in just seconds. With the advanced technology of the warm up free LED light source, the MII-800XL Plus can reach full brightness and operate on/off immediately.

Technical films Foma

Complete assortment of the inland producer of X-ray films for use in the non-destructive testing industry. Those films are characterized by high quality and reasonable price.

High-Energy X-ray

VJ Technologies (VJT) is a world leading provider of High Energy Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography (CT) X-ray inspection systems and Non-Destructive Test (NDT) services.


The affordable, compact and easy to use wash and drying solution for the varied and specialised manual developing applications.

Filmprocessor INDX 43 2.0b

The INDX 43 2.0b is the new addition to the Colenta INDX family providing higher productivity and greater flexibility over the earlier 37 2.0b model and with the minimum increase in cost

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