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What devices do you calibrate and according to which standards?

Calibration of eddy current defectoscopes per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 15548-1
Calibration of current generators per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9934-3
Calibration of hand yokes per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9934-3
Calibration of stationary magnetic devices per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9934-3
Calibration of ultrasonic defectoscopes per the requirements of ČSN EN 12668-1. Calibrating interval, according to the norm is 12 months.
Calibration of MT devices per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9934-3
Calibration of RT devices per the requirements of ČSN EN 25580
Calibration of ET devices per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 15548-1,2,3
Calibration of PT devices per the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 3059

What is the difference between accredited and non-accredited calibration?

Accredited calibration is performed as per requirements of calibration methods approved by ČIA. The calibration method is regularly validated and interlaboratory compared to ČMI. Calibration certificate is provided by the stamp of Accredited Calibration Laboratory and meets all the requirements according to ČSN EN 17025.

Non-Accredited calibration is performed as per internal calibration methods. The calibration certificate meets the requirements of ČSN EN 17025.

Both accredited and non-accredited calibration is done on devices and equipment, which is being regularly checked and calibrated at Accredited calibratin laboratories and ČMI.

Is it possible to speed up the calibration?

We offer an express calibration with an extra fee of 40% or the price.

If you arrange the exact calibration date by phone with the laboratory supervison in advance, you can have your device calibrated in a very short period of time without extra fees.

Do you perform the calibration at the customer's site?

We perform the external calibration of stationary devices and of devices, which are part of production line and due to their weight the tranport is problematic. In these cases please call us and we can arrange an appointment in advance. There calibrations then include following items: transport (km) and technician (1 person/1 hour) + price for the calibration.


How frequently need the devices be calibrated?

The calibrating periods from the point of view of general metrology determins the user of the meter, or the metrologist from the company, who decides about the period during which the calibration is valid, based on frequency of usage of the device and monitoring of the data from previous calibratoins. It is also necessary take into account relevant standards for NDT, where can be found independent recommendations for calibration frequency for your devices. Generally speaking, most of our customers calibrate their devices once a year. In aerospace industry is the calibration interval ordinarily shortened for 1/2 year.


Is there the pricelist for calibration services available on your website?

The pricelist for our calibraton services is not available online. The price for calibration will be provided by phone or by email.

In case of needed price offer please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to draw up an offer for you.

Jaroslav Hanusek

Supervisor or Calibration Laboratory PTS, local branch - Ostrava
phone CZ: +420 776 570 410


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