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UF 365 handy

PTS UF 365 handy je precizně zpracovaná UV lampa (365nm) pro potřeby NDT. Uvnitř se nachází nabíjecí baterie s kapacitou 4000mAh, což Vám zajistí dlouhou a nepřetržitou práci. Baterie se nabíjí přímo v lampě.


PTS Josef Solnař s.r.o. company presents a hand-held ultraviolet lamp of its own manufacture – INKAR UV35W. Time-proven quality, High Intensity Discharge (HID) – technology and excellent performance are combined with reasonable price of INKAR UV35W.

UF365 triLED / batt UV lamp

PTS UF365 triLED and triLED batt are the second generation of rechargeable battery-powered lamps with three UV-A LEDs which immeadiately reach maximal intensity more than 5500 µW/cm2. For NDT needs lamp's housing is made from aluminium alloy.

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