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Pfinder lichide de penetrare

The new generation of Pfinder Apenol Sprays. Content 500 ml, 12 pieces in the package.

Products for penetrant testing, developer systems and cleaners


Name of product Classification according to the EN ISO 3452-2 Sensitivity according to the EN ISO 3452-2 Description
PFINDER 800 II + III class 2 dual penetrant (colour + fluorescent), easily biodegradable
PFINDER 860 II class 2 colour penetrant
PFINDER 902 I class 2 fluorescent penetrant, easily biodegradable
PFINDER 871 d; e   developer suitable for all tree types of penetrants according to ČSN EN ISO 3452-2
PFINDER 890 C (basic: isopropano/aceton)   universal aceton remover, can be used as precleaner of the surface, removal of the penetrant 
PFINDER 895 C (basic: isopropanol)   universal alcohol remover, suitable for cleaning of the penetrant, based on isopropanol



PT Consumables Pfinder penetrantsPT Consumables Pfinder penetrants


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