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Defectoscop eddy curent DVP-102

DVP-102 is special device working on the principle of eddy currents, which serve as detection of incompactness mostly on "long" products with different profiles.

It is possible to supplement the defectoscope, according to the customer's needs, for the direct current and this way to enable testing of magnetic (Fe) and non-magnetic materials (NFe). It can work in two modes - absolute (suitable fot longer flaws, structure changes, size changes) or differencial mode (suitable for short, point flaws).

If an electricaly conductive object is placed into the alternating magnetic field, there can be observed the so called eddy currents, which are induced and concentrated under the surface of the product (due to the skineffect). The eddy currents created their own magnetic field, which influences the excitation field. The share of these values is simply said the main evaluating element.

The presence of (under)surface flaws greatly influences distribution and intensity of the eddy current. It interrupts its track and its flow changes. This change is shown as size change of the displayed signal. Intensity and distribution of the eddy currents outside the compactness flaws of material is at the same time influenced by permeability, electric conductivity and the geometry of the product.


pass-through systems (eg. seamless tubes)
The tested piece passes through the hub of the scanning coil within the close distance of the coil winding and the device signalizes the flaws on the surface of the product or in its close suroundings and gives an impulse of the flaw through a non-potential switching contact for further processing.

applying system (eg. welded tubes)
The sensor is applied directly or indirectly on a certain specific segment of the product and the device then signalizes the flaws on its surface or in its close surroundings and gives an impulse of the flaw through a non-potential switching contact for further processing.

Defektoskop vířivých proudů DVP-102 přední stranaDefektoskop vířivých proudů DVP-102 zadní strana


Technical parameters

Power supply 230V / 50Hz, 100VA
Diameter of the tube from 10 to 200mm - depends on the probe used
Material of the rod Aluminium
Testing speed 0.5 – 2 m/s
Output signal for PLC non-potential contact relay max. 24V / 0.2 A
impulse for the flaw duration, min. 500ms
output signal for LED alarm green colour means the device is up and running
red colour means detecting of flaws in the rod
Output signal for ejector good rod 24V DC / 0.2A, ejecting time cca 1s
faulty rod 24V DC / 0.2A, ejecting time cca 1s
Testing frequency 10, 30, 60 kHz
Coverage IP 20
Display panel industrial 10" LCD touch computer
Size 600 x 424 x 500mm
Weight cca 15kg

Industrial LCD computer

The device is built into the 19" cabinet. On the front panel of the device can be found the main switch, LCD industrial computer with 10" touch screen and operating elements for the frequency of oscilation, changes of differential chanel phase, memory erasing button and USB ports for connecting flash memory or optical USB technology. On the rear side can be found a power supply input, 3 pieces of circuit breakers, connectors for all connecting circuits and USB port for connecting the periphery which serves for printing of the the output protokol.

Basic parameters of the computer:

  • processor: CPU Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
  • operating memory: 2 GB RAM
  • record medium: SATA SSD-disc 64GB

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