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Filmprocessor INDX 43/55

For processing of all type of industrial X-Ray films: TYPE INDX 43 / 55 - max. processing width 43cm with 55cm/min at 8min DRY to DRY.

INDX-model processors have 9 programmable processing channels, an intermediate rinse bath rack system,feed in table, hose/tube connection (100 mm dia.) facility for ventilation of the processors wetsection to an external exhaust fan and supplied with 2 x 30 lt replenishment storage tanks.




Standard Features and accessories

  • Low Level monitoring of all Tank solutions
  • automatic Solution Tank „Top-Up“ control on "Start-Up"
  • "Work in Progress" monitoring
  • rep storage tanks
  • prepared to connect the processor to an external exhaust air system


Colenta NDT Filmprocessor INDX43 55Colenta NDT Filmprocessor INDX43 55

Optional available

Auto-NDT-Film Feeder for Colenta INDX NDT Film Processors. (Interchangeable with the Film Feed Tray supplied with the INDX units)


Download Brochure

Brochure COLENTA NDT Filmprocessor INDX 43/55 in English


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