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Contactless thermometers - in general

Among the advantages, that have not been mentioned yet, belongs fast measuring, when the temperature appears within 0.5 seconds on the display. Contactless thermometers are also great for measuring high or low temperatures, which can not be measured by common thermometers. It does not affect the measured object, the measuring takes place without any risk of contamination and mechanical effects on the surface of the measured device.


AccuMAX XRP-3000

Single detector with dual sensors measures both ultraviolet and visible light. Complies with ASTM specifications for MPI and FPI. Specially engineered for NDT applications.

AccuPRO XP-2000

AccuPRO™ Series meters feature an advanced, microprocessor-controlled readout unit calibrated to accurately measure and display UV-A, and Visible light readings.

UV meter UV-365M

UV-365M is portable UV meter, powered by batteries, which is designed for measuring of UV radiation intensity of the wavelength 365 nm.

UF 365 handy

PTS UF 365 handy is a precisely produced UV lamp (365 nm) for NDT needs. It has rechargeable battery inside with capacity of 4000 mAh which provides long-lasting continuous operation. Battery is to be chraged directly in the lamp.

UF 365 triLED / batt UV lamp

PTS UF 365 triLED and triLED batt are the second generation of rechargeable battery-powered lamps with three UV-A LEDs which immeadiately reach maximal intensity more than 5500 µW/cm2. For NDT needs lamp's housing is made from aluminium alloy.

About UV radiation

About UV radiation

Ultraviolet light, also known as UV radiation, is one of the electromagnetic spectrum range. Within this spectrum UV radiation is situated between visible part of the spectrum and roentgen radiation. The shorter wavelength radiation has, the higher energy it produces. That is why UV radiation produces less energy than roentgen radiation but more than visible light.

Service of UV lamps

Our company is an authorized dealer and service center for Spectroline product range.

All UV lamps used in non-destructive testing, optionally - in other technical fields, require periodical maintenance or repair.

Our workrooms are full of many types of lamps from different manufacturers of various designs. Some of them, at first sight, may have similar elements but often not interchangeable, which can cause incorrect results during part's quality evaluation in case of incompliance. 

Optimax UV LED

Spectroline Optimax 365 LED. Powerful, rechargeable, high-intensity UV-A inspection lamp featuring state-of-the-art, ultra-hi-flux LED technology. Nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 18,000 µW/cm² at 15 in (38 cm).

QUADRAN™ 365 Series

Quadrant™ 365 Series lamps feature four ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs plus a convenient white light LED to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location.

On-Trak™ ONT-365A

Innovative, track-light style modular systems for convenience and versatility. Increase or decrease coverage area as needed. Comes attached to a mountable platform.

EDGE™ 13 Series

Designed specifically for NDT professionals who require a rugged, high-intensity lamp to spot fluorescent indications on large parts.

Spectroline UV lamps

These super-powerful lamps make NDT inspections easier, safer and more reliable. They feature state-of-the-art micro discharge light (MDL) technology with a fatigue-free ergonomic design.

Acceessories Spectroline

Using genuine Spectroline accessories and replacement parts ensures that lamps will operate at their optimum performance. Filters, battery packs, protective accessories and more.

Giatec SmartRock™

Giatec SmartRock™ is a ruggedized waterproof wireless sensor/logger for monitoring the temperature of concrete from fresh stage to hardened stage.

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