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Replaceable UV bulbs

In our offer you will find all light bulbs for the most commonly used lamps in non-destructive testing. These bulbs are available in stock.

UV bulb 100W E27 and E29

Suitable for all types of 100 Watt handheld lamps. Each bulb is tested in our calibration laboratory and has permanent marking with serial number. By that we guarantee high quality. Before ordering ensure if your lamp has E27 [UVSP00351] or E29 [UVSP00356] lampholder - see picture below, it will allow you to avoid replacement of unsuitable goods because of wrong choice.

Spectroline 100S/M, UV výbojka - závit E27Spectroline 100S, UV výbojka - závit E29

Spectroline 2F958, UV filter

Glossy dark UV filter diameter 5" (127mm) [UVSP00352]

Spectroline 2F958, UV filtrSpectroline 2F958, UV filtr

Spectroline 2F350, UV filter

UV filter diffuse dark diameter 5" (127mm) [UVSP00353]

Spectroline 2F350, UV filtrSpectroline 2F350, UV filtr

UV bulb 125W

Suitable for all types of lamps with 125 Watt technology [UVSP00357].
Spectroline BLE-125B, UV výbojkaSpectroline BLE-125B, UV výbojka

UV bulb 35W HID

Suitable for all types of high-intensity discharge lamps (HID technology) [UVSP00551] [UVSP00551_PHIL].

UV výbojka 35w HID (LABINO ekvivalent)UV výbojka 35w HID PHILIPS 

UV bulb 400W

Suitable for all types of stationary lamps including UF 400 [UVSP00651].
UV výbojka 400 W

UV fluorescent bulbs

UV-C fluorescent bulb (254nm), 15W [UVSP00811] and UV-A fluorescent bulb (365nm), 15W integrated UV filter [UVSP00812].

Spectroline BLE-1T155, UV-C zářivkaSpectroline BLE-1800B, UV zářivka

UV bulb 50W

Bulb 50W for lamps of c-100 1.generation [UVSP00813].

Spectroline BLE-50S/MR, UV výbojkaSpectroline BLE-50S/MR, UV výbojka

UV fluorescent bulb

for MiniMAX lamps, dual UV-A and UV-C, 4W [UVSP00814].

Spectroline BLE-3625/HC UV zářivka


UV filter transparent diameter 5" (127mm) [UVSP00820].

Spectroline 2F100C, UV filtr

UV bulb 100W

100W bulb with base E27, premium quality, higher luminosity, much faster starting, long life time [UVSP00830].

Spectroline 100S/M-PQL, výbojka - závit E27 	Spectroline 100S/M-PQL, výbojka - závit E27

Spectroline UV-5D DeGERM-inator, UV-C lamp

Accumulator powered sterilizing UV lamp 1 x 5W (254nm), including charging adapter [UVSP00806].
It eliminates a wide range of pathogenic bacteries and viruses - within few seconds! It protects against such viruses as E.Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Listeria, H1N1 flu virus and others! It desinfects mobile phones, toilet seats, handles, sinks, radiators, remote controls, PC mice and keyboards, plastic toys, pens and many other commonly contaminated surfaces. The lamp also desinfects drinking water.

Spectroline UV-5D DeGERM-inator, UV-C lampaSpectroline UV-5D DeGERM-inator, UV-C lampa

Spectroline FP-365, protective filter for TRITAN

Protective filter with rubber frame and special glass for lamps of TRITAN 365 series [UVSP00840].

Spectroline FP-365, ochranný filtr pro TRITANSpectroline FP-365, ochranný filtr pro TRITAN


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