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UF 365 triLED / batt UV lamp

PTS UF 365 triLED and triLED batt are the second generation of rechargeable battery-powered lamps with three UV-A LEDs which immeadiately reach maximal intensity more than 5500 µW/cm2. For NDT needs lamp's housing is made from aluminium alloy.

You can choose battery-powered version with capacity 4x3000mAh where charging is performed directly in the lamp. Another option is a lamp with power supply from mains and 2.8m long cable. Both versions are intended for long and continuous work. 


UF 365 triLEDUF365 triLED / batt UV lamp

After switching on by tumbler on a back side the lamp will immediatelly reach maximal intensity more than 5.500µW/cm². Another tumbler I / II allows to select between 100% and 50% power saving mode. Battery version can keep lighting on maximal intensity around 6 hours. Housing of the lamp is made from aluminium alloy for better heat transfer, while edges are covered with big rubber frame. The lamp is powered by internal lithium-ion accumulator pack of 4x3000mAh capacity, which is not replaceable by user.

UF 365 triLEDUF 365 triLED batt

Component part of UF 365 batt is a smart charger which after connecting to the lamp will measure and display actual battery power state and start charging. The charging is very fast, cca 2 hours and full power capacity is signaled by blue backlight of a display (while charging process is backlit in red). Internal accumulator pack and charger are included into the complete set. Overheating is monitored by smart electronics.


We offer optional calibration of this product.


product material / LED housing: aluminium alloy
durable, shock-resistant protecting frame, rubber
LED: 3x UV 3W
UV-A wavelength 365nm±3nm
intensity at 40cm [µW/cm²] 5.500
white light (part of UV-A radiation) [lux] do 10
illuminated area at distance of 40cm [mm] 120 x 140
continuous operation time [hours] more than 8
charging time [hours] cca 2
overall dimensions [mm] 230 x 140
weight UF 365 triLED / UF 365 triLED batt [kg] 0.95 / 1.10
battery 4 x type 26650 Li-Ion; 3.7V; 3000mAh


UF 365 triLED battUF 365 triLED batt


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