UT Flaw Detector CTS-9006 SIUI

SIUI CTS-9006 is universal digital ultrasonic flaw detector, for extraordinarilly affordable price.

The flaw detector is distinguished by wide range of of usage possibilities, compact size, low weight, very low energy consumption and simple operating.

Dust and humidity protection is certainty – IP65. 


UT defektoskop CTS-9006 firmy SIUI UT defektoskop CTS-9006 firmy SIUI


  • maximum sampling rate 240MHz
  • Measurement resolution 0.1mm
  • Operating frequency range: 0.5~10MHz, detection sensitivity minimum 65dB
  • PRF 20 ~ 500Hz with 10 steps adjustable
  • 5,7" colour TFT LCD display (320 x 240) with wide viewing angle, high brightness and high definition delivers every clear detail
  • AGC (Auto Gain Control)- function of automatic setting of echo intensification in the gate, the display size can be set by the user
  • AVG curves – function depicts 3 curves of different equivalent values according to the adjusted parameter of  the spare flaws FBH of the flat bottom echo
  • DAC curves
  • measuring of the flaw height using the edge-peak echo method
  • B-Scan
  • RF (Radio Frequency) echo display – suitable for thick wall parts
  • selection from 3 colour schemes of the display for the best ability to read the display on direct sun
  • up to 7 minutes of dynamic record A-depiction and option to reveiw up to 1500 snapshots
  • memory for 500 measurements or setting of the device and the probe, unlimitedly expandable by USB flash disc
  • power supply 9~12 V (external source), 6~84 V (Li-ion battery)
  • operating time up to 8 hours
  • operating temperature -10~40°C
  • size 152x240x52mm
  • weight 1150g including batteries 


UT Flaw detector SIUI 9006UT Flaw detector SIUI 9006


Standard packing includes

  • device
  • manual
  • batteries
  • charger
  • direct singlealternating 2.5MHz probe with diameter 20mm
  • direct singlealternating 5MHz 50mm probe with built in steel block
  • CD with software
  • USB cable
  • calibrating certificate


UT defektoskop CTS-9006 firmy SIUI UT defektoskop CTS-9006 firmy SIUI

UT defektoskop CTS-9006 firmy SIUI

 AVG curves control of big casts  coating curve

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