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Acoustic Radiation Indicator SM3

Personal acoustic radiation indicator SM3 detects gama and X-ray radiation.

  • detects gama and X-ray radiation
  • acoustic signalizing with built in speaker
  • 2 level of range can be selected using the switch
      * low level  „low“ 60     beeps/min in the field of 1mR/hour
      * higher level  „high“ 120     beeps/min in the field of 30mR/hour
  • 2-position switch ON/OFF for turning the device on
  • power suply by 9V alkaline batery, operating time with new battery approximately 500 hours at regular usage, 8 hours/ day, 5 days in a week, at low levels of rediation
  • size: height 110mm, width 55mm, depth 35mm  (without the belt strap)
    RT Gauges Denzitometr MD12
  • weight 150 gramms including battery
  • volume od beeps 100 dB in the distance of 13 cm
  • extremely resilient aluminium cover
  • fitted LED diode signalizing radiation
  • belt clip
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