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Filmprocessor INDX 900e

For processing all type of industrial NDT X-Ray films.


    • max. processing width 35cm
    • processing speed min. 35sec up to 150 sec Dev time
    • intermediate Wash between developer and fixer rack for reduced maintenance (cleaning requirements by the user), for reduced carryover of developer/contamination of fixer and reduced fixer replenishment


Colenta NDT Filmprocessor INDX900EColenta NDT Filmprocessor INDX900E

  • Programmable Microprocessor Controller incl. Sensorbar (4 pulsed IR-sensors) for exact Detection of Film Area for precise replenishment of chemistry, to control Anti-oxidation/Standby-Replenishment Cycles, Anti-Crystallisation Cycles, Standby Mode, Processing Time/Speed and Dryer/Developer Temperature of the processor
  • Inline Heatexchanger for developer/fixer heating with overheat protection and cold water cooling facility (± 0,2°C for dev.)
  • warm Air Dryer with overheat protection
  • maintencance free, Inline Gear Drive System (no worm gear drive used!)


Colenta NDT Filmprocessor INDX900EColenta NDT Filmprocessor INDX900E



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