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ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR

With the Scan-X Discover HR Digital Radiography System you get state-of-the art imaging quality in a portable, durable and affordable package.

Specifically designed for inspections both in the field and in the lab, Scan-X Discover HR is a computed radiography system that uses flexible phosphor imaging plates instead of film to create high resolution images. By selecting the Imaging Plate and adjusting the scanner parameters to match your shot techniques, you can customize the image quality and exposure time to your exact requirements.


What is computed radiography (CR)? // how does it work?

Sometimes called “film replacement technology”, Computed Radiography (CR) uses a flexible phosphor Imaging Plate (IP) to capture digital images instead of conventional photographic film.

CR has several significant advantages:

– Phosphor Imaging Plates are reusable
– Chemical processing and a darkroom are not required
– Plate exposure times are typically less than film
ScanX View Software offers the tools to optimize image quality
– Digital information is easily stored and shared

CR follows a simple 3-step process:

When the IP is exposed to X-ray or gamma radiation, the phosphor layer in the plate stores the image.
As the IP is read by the scanner, a focused laser releases the stored image in the form of visible light photons.
These photons are collected and amplified by the scanner, converted to a digital signal and then transferred to a computer for processing and display.

What are the advantages?

Film radiography offers little opportunity to vary the technique, other than picking a different film type. CR also offers different imaging plates, but also there are many scanner control parameters that can be adjusted to the required inspection task, optimizing image quality and maximizing productivity.

High definition Computed Radiography

ALLPRO NDT is the first company worldwide that has developed advanced scanner technology with a 14 µm laser spot. When used with correspondingly high resolution phosphor storage plates, this scanner meets all the stringent requirements of the EN14784, EN17636 and ASTM E2446 standards.

This combination of high resolution imaging plates and the ScanX Discover HR scanner achieves a Basic Spatial Resolution (BSR) of 40 µm across all system classes.

Adjustable resolution

The ScanX Discover HR gives the user the choice to select the scan resolution, from sub-20 µm for precision weld inspection to over 100 µm for CUI applications where short exposure time and speed are really the prime requirements. Stepless scan resolution selection ensures that the best settings can be chosen to suit individual inspection application needs.

ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HRALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR

30 micron Basic Spatial Resolution - BAM certified! ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR BAM certification

The ScanX Discover HR scanner from ALLPRO NDT has been certified by BAM as having the highest resolution available in the NDT industry with 30 microns per pixel Basic Spatial Resolution.

This certification shows that the Discover HR can easily address and exceed the most critical requirements of the Military/Aerospace, Space Hardware and Nuclear markets by producing the highest image resolution.

The BAM certification is proof that ALLPRO NDT CR scanners meet more exacting image quality standards than anybody in the industry today.

ScanX Discover HR // The rugged lightweight

Designed for the rigors of industrial applications, the ScanX Discover HR is the most portable and rugged solution for demanding NDT environments. Constructed around a rigid extruded aluminum frame and clad in a protective rubber bumper, the scanner is protected against real-world conditions. The vibration damping feet isolate the optical system from interference and ensure optimum image quality, whatever the application. The optional internal rechargeable battery allows truly remote operation, and the scanner is lightweight, man-portable and simple to transport in any vehicle. Hard and soft cases are available for convenient transport of the ScanX Discover HR

Non-slip surface

Lightweight rigid transport case protects the scanner during repositioning.

Robust design

Light, portable and rugged – ideal for field applications.

Battery included

Integrated rechargeable battery allows truly remote operation.

ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HRALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR

Why CR technology from ALLPRO NDT?

ALLPRO NDT has made a commitment to develop and deliver products tailored perfectly to the needs of their customers.

Through a process of continuous improvement of existing products and development of innovative new solutions, ALLPRO NDT has very quickly become one of the market leaders in digital imaging for NDT.


Scan and erase in a single pass.


Few moving parts and easy access for cleaning.

Image plates

IPs are available in different resolutions and all standard formats and, on request, in special sizes and custom shapes.


Download Brochure

Brochure ScanX Discover HR in English

Technical data

(H x W x D)
14“ x 15.5“ x 18“ /
35.6 x 39.4 x 45.7 cm 
Weight 44 lbs / 20 kg – with battery 46 lbs / 21 kg
Electrical 110 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Laser Classification Class 1 Laser Product. Compliance with
FDA HHS 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1
Imaging Media Phosphor storage plates
Warranty 2 Years
Software ScanX View
Battery (optional) 24 VDC
Acessories Hard Case, Soft Case, Imaging Plates, Plate Protectors, Cassettes


Hard carry case

Lightweight case for scanner transport

Imaging plates (IP)

IPs are available in different resolutions and all standard formats and, on request, in special sizes and custom shapes.

ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HRALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR


Compare ScanX Discover HR (High Resolution) and HC (High Contrast)

ScanX Discover HR

ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR

ScanX Discover HR

High Resolution scanner

Ideal for code quality imaging

14µm laser spot
Basic Spatial Resolution of 40 µ/pixel
Low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

Certification by BAM is in process

EN 14784 system class Special 1/32
ASTM E2446 Class1/32

Use with microfocus X-ray for outstanding image quality

ScanX Discover HC

ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HC

ScanX Discover HC

High Contrast scanner

Ideal for informational radiography

50µm laser spot
Maximum image contrast

High quality images with minimum imaging plate exposure

Higher contrast ideal for inspection with isotopes

Ir-192 and Co-60
Large diameter pipes
Thicker specimens

Use with X-ray or gamma sources

Higher energy sources tend to produce lower contrast images


ScanX Discover CR Application Guidelines


ALLPRO NDT scan X discover HR

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