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PSM-5 Test Panel

The PSM-5 panel is used for verification of operation (performance) of the system (ČSN EN ISO 3452-1) at the beginning of each working period.

This panel is composed from 2 parts:

  • defect surface
  • rinsing surface


The defect surface contains 5 imprints with graduating scales.

The rinsing surface enables verification of washing away ability of penetration agents.

The panel is supplied with either one of 2 types of  rinsing surface:

  • smooth, chromed
  • rough, sanded


The approximate sizes of the imprints on the defect surface (varying panel from panel) are the following:

  E D C B A
IN 0.210 0.148 0.086 0.062 0.031
mm 5.34 3.75 2.19 1.57 0.79


PT Gauges and Accessories SHERWIN PSM-5 panelPT Gauges and Accessories SHERWIN PSM-5 panel

The basic dimensions valid for both types are:
0.09 x 4 x 6 IN (2.286 x 101.6 x 152.4 mm)

This panel meets the requirements of the norms MIL – STD – 6866 and ASTM E – 1417

PT Gauges and Accessories SHERWIN PSM-5 panel PT Gauges and Accessories SHERWIN PSM-5 panel

Note: This panel must never be used as an equivalent panel for cases where there is required the gauge N.2 according the the norm ČSN EN 3452-1.

Below is the comparative chart of the imprints between PSM-5 and a Type 2 gauge according EN 3452-3

Gauge Type PSM-5 Type 2 according to EN 3452-3
Number of Imprint typical size (average) of imprint in mm
1 0.79 3.0
2 1.57 3.5
3 2.19 4.0
4 3.75 4.5
5 5.34 5.5

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