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Giatec iCOR™

Giatec iCOR™ is a novel compact and comprehensive NDT tool for detailed corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures WITHOUT the need to have an electrical connection to the rebar.

iCOR™ benefits from a patented technology that makes it possible to estimate the corrosion rate of rebar through a non-invasive approach. This means that the need for connecting the device to the rebar (which is the case of other commercial devices) is eliminated in iCOR™. This makes iCOR™ the most convenient corrosion rate measurement device in the field as well as offering an innovative research tool for laboratory studies.

Giatec iCOR™ is equipped with high precision sensors to measure the (1) corrosion rate of rebar, (2) the in- situ electrical resistivity of concrete, (3) corrosion potential of rebar as well as (4) ambient temperature and relative humidity. iCOR™ utilizes wireless technology to transmit data to a tablet, where data can be stored, analyzed and visualized. Moreover, the tablet app offers a powerful post-processing tool and an easy way to share the results with other team members. iCOR™ can significantly save time, human resources and cost in the condition assessment of concrete structures.


iCOR™ is a unique NDT device for the condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures that can be used for:

  • Detection of corrosion in the reinforncement
  • Measurement of corrosion rate in existing concrete structures
  • Measurement of real in-situ electrical resistivity of concrete (i.e. minimizes the effect of rebar)
  • Determination of corrosion potential of rebar in concrete
  • Assessment of concrete durability on site
  • Rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures


NDT in Construction Industry Giatec iCORNDT in Construction Industry Giatec iCOR

iCOR™, non-intrusive corrosion rate non-intrusive corrosion detection


  • Fast: measurements within seconds
  • Real-time: contour mapping of corrosion rate, electrical resistivity and corrosion potential
  • Accurate: comparable to laboratory techniques
  • Non-destructive: used for existing structures
  • Easy-to-use: require minimum training
  • Non-subjective: algorithm-based interpretations
  • Efficient: detect initial signs of corrosion
  • Cost effective: multiple parameters in a single measurement for durability assessment


NDT in Construction Industry Giatec iCORNDT in Construction Industry Giatec iCOR

Corrosion detection and rate measurement  Corrosion detection and rate measurement

Technical Specifications

Measurement Time

Testing time (6 measurements)
5 to 15 seconds


Operating conditions

Operating temperature 0 ~ 45°C
Operating humidity 20 ~ 90%
Storage temperature 0 ~ 70°C
Storage humidity 5 ~ 90%
Operating voltage/current 24 v
Dimensions of iCOR™ d=250 x 70mm

More Information

Giatec iCOR utilizes a novel advanced method for corrosion detection and analysis. This is based on the concept that the low-frequency impedance of rebar in concrete can be correlated to the corrosion state of reinforcement in concrete. However, the direct measurement of the low-frequency impedance of rebar in concrete is very time-consuming and vulnerable to noise interruption; hence, it is not practical to use this technique in the field to measure the corrosion rate of rebar inside the concrete.

In Giatec iCOR™, the low-frequency behavior of reinforced concrete system is determined on the surface by applying a narrow current pulse or step voltage for a short period of time and simultaneously recoding the voltage of the system with a high sampling rate. Using the recorded voltage and the applied current on the surface of concrete the low-frequency impedance response of rebar in concrete can be extracted, which can be used to determine the state of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. Giatec iCOR™ employs a complex electrical circuit model for estimating different properties of concrete materials, and steel reinforcement. An advanced mathematical algorithm is also implemented in the core technology of the device. This core processor is responsible for the analysis of certain characteristics of concrete materials such as the corrosion rate of rebar and the actual electrical resistivity of concrete.

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