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Crack Detectors ZP 1000-F3Q

Magnetizing source ZP1000-F3Q is stacionary, 3 phase full wave direct current with Quick break function.

It is meant for magnetizing of products using the magnetic powder test in transverse direction by direct passing of the current and in longitudial direction by a coil.

Technical parameters

Source 3NPE AC 50Hz 400/230V TN-S
Nominal current 25A
Input max. 13kVA
Operating voltage 2 DC 24V/ SELV 
Magnetizing voltage max.8V AC/DC
Magnetizing current controlable 100A – 1000Arms AC/DC, (currenlt is influenced by cable length,  ohmic resistance of the tested parts and coil induction), setting through steps of 0.01kA
Demagnetizing  only in AC mode, automatic at every turn off
Puls magnetizing mode 0.5s to 2s, through steps of 0.1s
Quick break function YES
AC current measuring digital, resolution 0.01kA
DC current measuring digital, resolution 0.01kA
Measuring accuracy ±5%
Output turn on manualy using a button or a pedal
Type stacionary
Parmeters of the distributor 800 x 1800 x 500 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight cca 200kg
Covering IP54


Crack detectors ZP 1000 F3QCrack detectors ZP 1000 F3Q


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