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Train Axes MPI Crack Detector MZO 3000

Crack detector MZO 3000 is designed for detecting of occurence longitudially and transversely oriented cracks on external surface of railway axles using the magnetic powder testing method. 

This method is used for making visible the surface flaws (e.g. cracks). The tested material is magnetized, the magnetic current is going through the cross-section and under the flaw comes to thickening of lines of forces. Some of these lines of forces appear above the surface in the spot of the flaw. The appearing lines of forces create the so called stray flux, in the spot of the appearance the magnetic poles are created. By apllying fine magnetic powder on the magnetized object, the diminutive particles get caught to the surface of the tested object by the affect of stray flux and so the flaw becomes significatnly visible. Beyond the spots of the flaw, beyond the area of the stray flux, the magnetic poles are not created and the powder does not adhere to the material. The width of the stray flux is bigger than the width of the flaw. The crack detector MZO 3000 a fluorescent suspence is used for better visibility of the flaws and this is checked under UV light and therefore the whole device is hidden in a closed cabin, which prevents daylight penetration.


Zařízení pro MT kontrolu železničních os MZO 3000Zařízení pro MT kontrolu železničních os MZO 3000


Crack detector MZO 3000 is equipped with automatic movable coil for longitudial magnetizing. The coil itself is furnished with shower with six nozzles for the perfect pouring of the axle. A UV light UF 400, which is placed on the manually operated mobile arm, is used for control. Fastening of the axles, brought by the manipulator, is done by pneumatic cylinders under the pressure of 6 bars. The contact desks are fastened separately after placing and fastening the shaft. These contact desks can be changed according to the size of the shaft. Furthemore is the device equipped with the mechanism for spinning the fastened shaft. The whole device is managed by the automatic SIMATIC in cooperation with the manipulator bringing the shafts. For the security of the operator is the device equippend with security barrier, which automaticaly slides out when the axels are brought in and back.


Zařízení pro MT kontrolu železničních os MZO 3000Zařízení pro MT kontrolu železničních os MZO 3000;

The machine has three modes of operation

  • automatic for regular testing
  • manual for manual operating of the mechanics of the machine
  • calibrating for setting the parameters


Technical parameters:

 power supply 3x400V, 50Hz, 46kVA
protection [A] 125
installed input [kVA] 42
output current for transverse magnetization [A] max. 3000
current measuring digital with control of reaching the adjusted current
output current for longitudial magnetization [A] max. 80
current regulation continuous - using phase regulators
demagnetization automatic - by the backwors movement of the coil
fastening lengths of the axles [mm] 1500 ~ 2700
diameter of the tested axles [mm] 70 ~ 250
pump of the detection liquid stainless container cca 50 litres
supply of compressed air 6 bar
weight of the device [kg] cca 2500



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