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Adapters and nozzles for eddy-current coils

Additional equipment for eddy-current coils and magnetic yoke. It is used in lines of nondestructive testing by eddy-current method and allows to use eddy-current coils of various sizes with the corresponding magnetic yoke.

Adapters of eddy-current coils
Designation Intention (type of yoke) Material
FOI adapter of coils PC-90, M 90 duraluminium
FOII adapter of coils PC-170, M 170, MK 170 duraluminium

Adapters of nozzles
Designation Intention (type of yoke) Material
Adapter of nozzles I (set of 2pcs) PC-90, M 90 Fe ungalvanized
Adapter of nozzles II (set of 2 pcs) PC-170, M 170, MK 170 Fe ungalvanized
Nozzles (guide bushings) for use with magnetic yokes of all dimensions during testing the objects made from ferromagnetic materials by method of eddy currents.


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