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The WeldCheck EC Flaw Detector is lightweight, compact and cased in tough aluminium alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated outer case and has been designed with the nend user in mind.


  • Large, Crisp Daylight Readable Display
  • Easy to Use
  • 8.5 Hrs + Battery Life
  • Industry Standard Probe Connectors
  • Great Eddy Current Performance

Daylight visible large colour screen

We understand that the operator will use the WeldCheck in all types of weather and light conditions and being able to see the screen clearly is a top priority.

The WeldCheck has a fully daylight readable 14.5cm LCD Colour Screen of 640 x 480 pixels ensuring the Operator has excellent signal resolution and presentation no matter what the working conditions are.

The operator has the choice of configuring their own colour schemes and display types. This will optimise their viewing ability of the screen in any light conditions. It is possible to view the readings in a choice of spot, time-base, waterfall or meter display types.

ET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheckET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheck

ET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheck

Works the way you do!

The WeldCheck has been created with User convenience and efficiency in mind at all stages of the design and manufacturi

ng process. One Key Benefit of the WeldCheck is the ability to work identically in left-handed and right-handed mode; thanks to the incredible “Flip” function.

Easy to use with “ALL-IN-ONE” MAIN MENU

The WeldCheck features a simple “single-level” menu system. In addition, any menu item can be added to the “Quick Menu” sidebar with its own easily recognisable Icon enabling faster adjustments during the inspection process.

As with mobile phone or keyboard usage, our fingers become accustomed to repeating patterns of key presses. The WeldCheck keypad has been cleverly designed to exploit this trait, with all critical keys being in the same position regardless of whether the Instrument is being operated in “right-handed” or “left-handed” mode.

ET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheckEasy icon system

In order to allow the operator to configure the instrument for ease of use there is a system of operator-selectable soft keys. Every menu item has its own easily recognisable icon. There are four soft key positions for operator selectable icons for frequently used functions and a fifth position for the last menu function used. Each saved instrument setting can be associated with a unique, one press set of quick access functions. There are also two front panel hard keys that can also be easily programmed for rapid one press access to instrument functions.



Lightweught, compact & rugged

We have built the WeldCheck with these points in mind. The WeldCheck weighs just 1.2kg and has a robust hardwearing metal casing with the internal design optimised to resist moist, tropical or salt-laden atmospheres.

21ST Century connectors

Under the flap there is a USB Connection for fast data transfer, SD Card Slot and VGA output for classroom and head-up display use.

ET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheckET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheck

Extraordinary battery life

With more than 8.5 hours battery life with a 100kHz Weld Probe and maximum backlighting, the WeldCheck is an obvious choice when faced with a long day of Eddy Current NDT. With the internal memory able to store over 500 saved readings, the WeldCheck can easily be in the field for an entire shift without needing to be returned to base for charging.

Even better, the AA battery power pack can extend the battery running time for a further 4 hours.

Equipped for all environments

We know that in an oilfield environment the WeldCheck is going to come up against some of the harshest working conditions in the NDT industry, not to mention being lifted and lowered on ropes, dropped and bumped.

With a rear foot stand and four harness attachment points, the WeldCheck is designed to be used in all environments from the desktop in the office to the rigours of the job site.

ET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheckET EtherNDE instruments WeldCheck

Industry standard probe connector

The WeldCheck is able to use absolute, bridge, reflection and connected probes and is fitted with the industry standard 12 Way LEMO Connector and a LEMO 00 for absolute probes.

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