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Vantage G2

The VANTAGE G2 is EThers’ second generation handheld fully featured Eddy Current Flaw Detector, which allows true single hand operation, leaving the operators other hand free to scan with a probe.

The VANTAGE specification and features are comprehensive and will appeal to users in Aerospace, Offshore, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Rail/ Axle Inspection industries. With a full colour display and a compact and robust enclosure, the VANTAGE is ideal for use in all on-site and factory environments.



1) Display Freeze and Recording Stop Start using the F3 key
2) Language options of English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
3) Easier to use Recording Replay
4) Larger screen display in a calibration mode

...plus a smaller, lighter charger unit.

ET EtherNDE instruments Vantage G2ET EtherNDE instruments Vantage G2

The colour display screen is 320 x 240 pixels providing excellent resolution aiding accurate and rapid defect interpretation. The user interface incorporates a simple side-bar menu allowing direct access to key instrument parameters and yet can be instantly switched to “full-screen mode.” The menu system is intuitive and any experienced Eddy Current operator will quickly be comfortable with use of the instrument. A time-based Strip Chart is available to assist with faster and more reliable defect detection.

The VANTAGE is a true handheld Flaw Detector, weighing just 0.8 kg and is well balanced, allowing comfortable operation over the duration of a shift. Housed in a robust ABS enclosure meeting IP64, the VANTAGE will withstand the harshest of site environments. Incorporating a Nickel Metal-Hydride Battery Pack, 5.5 hours battery life is attainable in standard operational modes and four hours in rotary mode.

The instrument has both a Co-axial Lemo OO Connector (for Absolute Probes) and a 12 Way Lemo Connector for Rotary, Bridge and Reflection Probes. Signal-to-noise ratio is excellent, allowing greater probability of detection and the VANTAGE performs equally well with Pencil, Rotating, Weldscan and other Probes. Frequency Range is 50Hz – 12MHz and Test Modes can be Dual Frequency (F1 and F2) or Mix (in four configurations). Four alarm shapes are offered and can be used for F1, F2 or Mix respectively. Data processing rate is up to 8KHz and allows storage of 200+ data recordings of up to 240 seconds at the 1KHz data processing rate.

A USB cable and reporting software are included free of charge for documentation of results on laptops or desktop PCs. The USB connector allows trouble free data transfer and software upgrades.

The VANTAGE is offered with the ETher NDE guarantee of complete client satisfaction and excellent technical support, inclusive of a two year warranty.



Probe    Modes Single Lemo 00 for absolute probes and 12 way Lemo for Reflection, Bridge and Rotary. Hocking Phasec 2/3/2200 compatible
Test Dual Frequency (F1 and F2) and Mix
Frequency 50 Hz-12 MHz
Drive 0.5 -6 v pk-pk
Signal Phase 0°-359.9° in 0.1° increments
Gain Main Gain: 0-30 dB in 0.1 steps
Pre-amplifier gain 0-40dB in 0.1 steps
Digitising Rate 8kHz
Filter 5 types of filter High, Low, Band Pass, Differential, Average. 0-3000Hz range 1 Hz increments
Null Separate balance and instantaneous zero
Load Automatic load selection with manual override
Display Screen 3.5" 320 by 240 pixels
Mode Impedance (phase) plane display with strip chart, 4 full screen modes (Spot with strip, Spot only, Time-base and Time-base and Spot) plus freeze.
Channels 3 pre-set display pages F1, F2 and Mix (all)
Mixing 5 different mix algorithms
Grid 8 by 8
Spot Position 9 pre set spot positions
Calibration Up to 6 point calibration curve may be set and then used to read out measured values based on signal parameters
Alarm Type Box, Sector, Circle, Level, Trapezoidal
Setting In increments of 1
Number One different alarm may be set for each of the three channels (F1, F2 and Mix)
Output Audio, visual, 
Storage Settings 100 settings
Recording Records all data may be saved to internal memory. 200+ result files maximum at 1kHz sample rate = 4 minutes per file or at 8kHz then 30seconds per file.
Computer Interface Type Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Interface USB 2.0
Software Allows results files to be reviewed and analysed.
Enclosure Dimensions 20.0cm(7.9") Long x 11.0cm (4.4") Wide x 9.5 cm (3.8") Thick
Weight 0.8 Kg (1.8 lbs)
Environmental IP64
Temperature Range -20 to +40 degrees Centigrade (-4 - +104 degrees Fahrenheit)
Power Internal Battery Removable NiMH 5.5 hours max life
Charge Time 3 hours
External AC 100-240 v ac 50-60 Hz 50 watts

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