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Spectroline TRITAN 365 is high performance UV-A LED lamp for NDT control with white LED light on top of that

for fast visual control. UV lamp is not focused and can illuminate very wide area, while its compact head enables access to the areas not accessible for bigger conventional UV lamps. TRITAN 365 is ideal lamp for all needs of NDT!

Spectroline TRITAN on offer

Order Code Description
UVSP00829 Spectroline TRI-365HB/20/F, TRITAN, UV LED lampa
UVSP00829_HC Spectroline TRI-365HC/F, TRITAN, ASTM E3022
UVSP00829_SBLC Spectroline TRI-365SBLC,TRITAN, Rolls-Royce, E3022
UVSP00833 Spectroline TRI-365MHB/F, TRITAN, UV LED battery
UVSP00840 Spectroline FP-365 Borofloat filter protector

Spectroline TRITAN 365 LEDSpectroline TRITAN 365 LED



  • used: 3x UV LED 3W + 1x white LED 3W
  • intensity UV-A (365nm): 9000 μW/cm2 in distance 38 cm (at illuminated circle surface over 30 cm in diameter)
  • weight: only 450g
  • economical compared to standard UV lamps - simple electronics = less repairs, LED lifespan is 10 - 20times longer than standard UV bulbs
  • 3-position switch for simple use: white light / OFF / UV
  • resistant and ergonomic: refracted grip provides safe and comfortable manipulation even with all day use
  • rubber pad with special glass Borofloat® perfectly protects LED diods from distruction
  • built-in active cooling keeps the LED diods within low temperature even at maximum performance
  • length of power cable: 2.4 m
  • in version AC 230V + DC adaptor or version with an external battery + DC adaptor
  • provided in a suitcase with UV protection glasses

Spectroline TRITAN 365 LEDSpectroline TRITAN 365 LED


Diagram of illuminated surface

Spectroline TRITAN 365 LED



Dowload technical brochure

Technical brochure TRITAN 365 series in English


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