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UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U2 is designed for rapid non-destructive hardness testing of:

  • metals and alloys on standardized international scales of hardness: Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV);
  • metals with distinctions in properties of steel (e.g., non-ferrous metals, alloys of iron and others.) and using five additional scales for calibration;
  • using a scale of tensile strength (Rm) to determine the tensile strength of carbon steel pearlitic products by automatic recalculation from Brinell (HB) hardness scale Ultrasonic hardness tester T-U2 implements the ultrasonic contact impedance method (UCI). The device has the main advantages of ultrasonic hardness tester. It allows user to measure the hardness from small and thin products to large parts. The device is very usability and reliable.

Novotest T-U2Novotest T-U2

UCI probe application



  • Possibility of measuring the hardness value of products with any weights and thickness from 1 mm (small items, thin-walled structures, pipes, tanks, steel sheets, the products of complex shape, hardness control of metal coatings, etc.)
  • Small mark on the surface of the tested product (user can test mirror surfaces, necks shafts, knives, gear teeth, etc.)
  • Hardness testing the hardening layer of the surface
  • Wide range of hardness measuring
  • Usability of measuring
  • Minimum number of controls
  • Big graphic display with brightness backlighting
  • Control the charge level of batteries
  • Extended temperature range (frost protected, operating temperature up to -20 °C)
  • Device has internal memory and allows user to connect with PC
  • New, intuitive menu with tips on the buttons


Novotest T-U2Novotest T-U2

Technical specification

Probe 5kgf (50N)
Range of hardness 20-70 HRC (Rockwell)
90-450 HB (Brinell)
230-940 HV (Vickers)
370-1740 MPa (Tensile strength)
Measurement accuracy

HV ±3%
HRC ±1,5%
HB  ±3%

Operating temperature range -20~50˚C
Power 2 x AA
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 25mm
Weight of electronic unit with batteries 200g
Bateries life, hours, not less 20 hours

Standard package

  • Electronic unit
  • UCI probe
  • 2 batteries
  • Charger
  • Operating manual
  • USB cable
  • Case



Novotest T U2Novotest T U2 

Comparison of the options hardness NOVOTEST T-xx2

Novotest T UD2T-UD2
Novotest T U2
Novotest T D2
Type of compatible probe UCI probe 50N and dynamic probe  UCI probe 50N  dynamic probe

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Brochure NOVOTEST T-U2 in English



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