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UV LED lamp OptiHAND 201

Practical handheld UV lamp with bateries. The handle has been designed ergonomically.

Turning on and off is done by pushing the button on the handle (the button is secured and there is no need to hold the button for the lamp to work). Setting the modes is done by turning button on the side. To turn on the white light press the separated button on the upper side of the lamp. The white LED diode is very strong with the lens, therefore it can enlighten a large exterior.
The body of the lamp itself is made from the resistant plastic with rubber coated surfaces on the handle and the head of the lamp which prevents the optics from damage and can be used for putting the lamp down. The lamp can be charged by 230V power adaptor, 12V auto battery charger or batteries.

UV LED lampa OptiHAND 201 01UV LED lampa OptiHAND 201 02


Batteries are inserted under the lid with a sealing and are secured by a screw (plastic screwdriver for releasing the lid are on the string directly on the handle). The batteries can not be charged in the lamp.

Technical parameters

size 171 x 181 x 89mm
weight 780g including batteries
modes high output, low output, stroboscope - switch on the side of the lamp
output high 6W, low 3W
batteries 4 x LR14 - usual series of alkaline batteries, medium mono, voltage 1.5V
operating time 6 hours on bateries (high output)
turn on/off main button switch on the handle
resistance IP 53 (NEMA 5) - for general use - dustproof, dust protection (sealing)
safety turn off automatically at 70°C
starting time immediately ready on full intensity – LED technology
restart immediatelly
indication light white, 5000lx
UV LED nichia high end  365nm+-5nm 1/2 LEDs
intensity UV in 40cm 2 led > 40 W/m²
enlightened surface from distance 40cm,  diameter 15cm
UV LED lifespan more than 10.000 hours


UV LED lampa OptiHAND 201 03UV LED lampa OptiHAND 201 04

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