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Ultrasonic Thicknessmeter PTS DC-4000

Ultrasonic thicknessmeter DC-4000 is professional, portable device developed by our company.

Among its advantages belong fast response and precise measuring. The device can switch between display A - echo of bounced signal and display B - visible transverse cut of measured part, which enables much more thorough measuring, more precise results, very small measuring errors and last but not least it enables better control of the measuring process itself. The device is suitable for control of material depletion as a result of corrosion, especially on places where thickness measuring is difficult by standard devices.

UT thickness gage PTS DC 4000UT thickness gage PTS DC 4000

Main features of the device

  • picture of ultrasonic signal in A-display
  • recording B-display
  • change of accoustic bonding is signalised on the display by change of digit colour
  • Min-Max values at measuring
  • set up of alarm and limit for maximum and minimum thickness
  • differencial mode of difference display between the current value and design drawing thickness given by the user, as well as the percentage difference
  • option of setting displayed units: milimeters/inches
  • option of directing of the ultrasonic signal: fully directed/+RF/-RF
  • languages: English
  • battery lasting ca 40 hours
  • memory up to 128000 items and records, 250 A-scan or B-scan
  • Echo-Echo measuring of thickness of the object over the coating
  • calibration in the air


Standard package includes

•    device DC-4000
•    5MHz probe TS-510 with the cable
•    battery
•    couplant gel
•    suitcase for transport
•   manual

Optional accessories

•    Probe for high temperatures
•    Probe for measuring cast iron
•    cable for probe
•    level gauge


UT thickness gage PTS DC 4000UT thickness gage PTS DC 4000

Technical specification

dimensions 155 x 80 x 35mm
weight 275g (including batteries)
operating temperature -20°C +50°C
power supply 3x 1,5V AA batteries
battery lifespan 40 hours
display definition 320x240 points, colour
probe exchangeable
measuring range 0.65 - 650mm
digital resolution 0.01mm
spreading velocity of ultrasound in material range 500 - 9999(m/s)
measuring units Inch / mm
language English
mode for display wave direction fully directed, +RF, -RF
voltage of pulse generator 150V negative spike
setting of intensity in dB 12 - 52dB
V-track correction automatic calibration
display mode normal, maximum and minumum capturing, DIFF/PR%, digital, A-SCAN, B-SCAN
memory capacity 128 000 measuring with saving up to 1000 items
adjustable LCD light intensity 8 levels
output USB port
software for reports DATA VIEW, WIN 7, WIN 8

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