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PTS Josef Solnař s.r.o. company presents a hand-held ultraviolet lamp of its own manufacture – INKAR UV35W. Time-proven quality, High Intensity Discharge (HID) – technology and excellent performance are combined with reasonable price of INKAR UV35W.

INKAR UV35W ultraviolet lamp has built-in electronics resistant to strong magnetic fields, shocks and voltage tolerances. The lamp is suitable for use in fluorescent testing (capillary and magnetic particle inspection) when the increased intensity of ultraviolet illumination is needed.

Body and handle of the lamp are made from shock-resistant materials preventing from occasional touching hot parts to avoid burns. Lamp’s design provides easy replacement of filter and ultraviolet bulb.

UV lampa INKAR UV35W UV lamp INKAR UV35W

Available models of the lamp

INKAR UV35W-230 – model powered from mains 220 (230) V 50 Hz
INKAR UV35W-12 - model powered from board mains of a car (cigerette lighter socket) 12 V DC
INKAR UV35W-12А – storage battery powered model

Main specifications

UV emission intensity: more than 13000 µW/cm2 at the distance of 38 cm from filter, emission wavelength 365 nm (UV-A range)
Warm-up time: ~20 s
Power: mains 220 (230) V 50 Hz / board mains of a car 12 V DC / storage battery (depending on the lamp model)
Power consumption: ~ 40 W
Body protection index: IP64
Power cable length: 5 m
Dimensions: length 190 mm, UV filter diameter 144 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg (INKAR UF35W-230 model)

INKAR UV35W-12А storage battery powered model

Storage battery power unit with removable 12V storage battery with capacity of 7 A•h provides up to 2 hrs continuous operation of the lamp. Delivery set of storage battery powered model includes adapter to power lamp from the mains 220 (230) V and to charge storage battery. The set also includes cable for powering the lamp or charging from board mains of a car – from cigarette lighter socket (12 V). Any number of spare storage batteries can be supplied additionally (optional).

UV lampa INKAR UV35WUV lampa INKAR UV35W


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